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Timing Your Home Sale


Timing is everything in life.  Selling your home yourself is no different.  It’s a fact that their are certain times of the year where selling is probably more profitable than others, although this will also be dependent on where you’re located and relevant events in your area.

Consider the weather. Sooner is generally better if you want to “beat other homes onto the market”, but take into consideration the weather. Depending on your geographic location you may have excessive cold and/or snow to deal with. How does your yard look with two feet of snow? Would your home be better to show in the spring, when your yard and beautiful landscaping can be at their most appealing to buyers?  Here are 5 tips for getting your home ready to sell by Spring.

Additional Factors:

  • Many people suggest the week after the Super Bowl (in America) as the best time to list your home. While trends show that this time is ideal and has the most buyers, it also tends to be the time of year with the most sellers.
  • It will be more difficult to sell a family-sized home once school has started or to sell it at an ideal price. This is simply because it is a tough and traumatic move for families with children changing school mid-semester.
  • Interest rates are at their lowest!  Find your mortgage rate.


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