Relocating to Iowa & Need Job?

Relocating to Iowa & Need Job?

Since the late twentieth century, Iowa has suffered from a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “brain drain.” This describes a tendency for young, educated adults to leave the state in search of opportunities elsewhere. While this trend has been blamed for economic stagnation in the state, it does leave a void waiting to be filled by people looking for jobs in Iowa.

A low cost of doing business has attracted numerous Fortune 500 companies from many different industries to the state. Jobs in Iowa can be found in manufacturing, healthcare, education, insurance, biotechnology and finance.

Manufacturing Jobs in Iowa

Iowans help manufacture everything from tractors and food to RVs and Post-It notes. If you’re looking for manufacturing jobs in Iowa, the best metro areas to consider are:

  • Cedar Rapids: home to numerous food processing companies like Quaker Oats
  • Davenport/Bettendorf: John Deere and Alcoa have facilities in the Quad Cities
  • Waterloo: another John Deere plant is located here
  • Council Bluffs: major employers include Tyson Foods and Con-Agra

Insurance and Financial Jobs in Iowa

Iowa, and more specifically Des Moines, has thousands of people employed in the insurance and financial industries. More than 6,000 firms in the insurance and financial sectors have offices in Iowa, including:

  • AEGON (Cedar Rapids)
  • Nationwide Group (Des Moines)
  • Farm Bureau Financial (multiple locations)
  • Principal Financial Group (Des Moines)
  • Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue (Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Sioux City)
  • Wells Fargo (Des Moines)

Agriculture Jobs in Iowa

iowa-farmingAlthough Iowa’s economy is more diverse than you may expect, there’s no denying that many of the jobs in Iowa are directly or indirectly linked to agriculture. Many high schoolers get their first jobs working in corn and soybean fields during summers, and there are a variety of ways to continue working in agriculture as those kids become adults. Research, food processing, livestock care and farming all provide employment opportunities across Iowa. While Ames is the hub for agricultural research in the state, jobs related to the production and manufacturing of food can be found all over Iowa.

Finding Jobs in Iowa

If you’re looking for a job, these Iowa job listings can help you with your search.

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