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Iowa School Districts


Relocating to Iowa? Let IAHomeSale be among the first to give you a warm, Midwest welcome! If you are among a majority of families looking to buy a home, the quality of the nearest school district can affect your decision. Iowa…

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Home Inspection Checklist


If you find a house that seems like it has possibilities, do your own initial home inspection, inside and out, before making an offer. Your intention now is to be alert for obvious deficiencies. Assuming you’re not looking for a…

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Real Estate Home Mortgage Types


Which home loan is right for you? There are an infinite number of loan types out there, and lenders are constantly coming up with creative ways to wrangle in new homeowners. The type of home loan you choose can make…

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Moving Checklist


Preparation Sell or donate unwanted items. Compare options for TV, Internet and phone service. Arrange to discontinue utilities and services at your old home. Set up gas, electricity, and other utilities at your new home. Create a meal plan for…

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