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5 Easy Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sell this Spring


Winter’s end is nearing it’s end in fact parts of Eastern Iowa have 68 degree weather already. Spring is in the air! You have made the decision to sell your home. You could be downsizing (or up-sizing!), relocating to another community (or out of state), or maybe your current home is your “first home” and you are now ready to upgrade.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve made the decision to sell and Springtime is the perfect time to put your home on market in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Falls and surrounding communities. BUT, do you know what it takes to get it ready so that you can sell it (hopefully) fast? Here are 5 easy tips for getting your home ready for sale this Spring.

A Pre-Inspection Could be Your Saving Grace

Before a Buyer can complete the purchase, your home will likely go through a home inspection. Get a jump on it and have it inspected yourself first. This way, if there are small repairs you can make or larger issues you need to take into consideration before pricing your home, you know what they are and are ready to make those repairs or exceptions. If you’ve been a responsible homeowner, the chances of there being any major issues are slim to none, but you never know! Better to be prepared than not prepared, right?

Curb Appeal is Your Friend

The old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” rings true, especially in this case. You want the place you’ve called home for however long you’ve owned it to stand out beautifully for the potential Buyer. You want the Buyer to remark on the beauty they see when they pull up in the driveway (or alongside the road) for the first time. You want them to eagerly anticipate their tour of your property, especially the inside of the home and not shake their heads in disgust upon first impression. Curb appeal is your friend.

Trim those hedges, add some potted flowers to the front steps. If you need to touch up the paint, then do that too, etc. Don’t forget night-time appeal too. Often, prospective Buyers, especially serious ones, will want to drive by your home at night to see how it looks then too.

No matter what, spruce it up! Make it shine. Make it appealing to the potential Buyer.  To learn more about ways to improve your homes curb appeal read our blog posts simple and quick ways to improve curb appeal when selling your home.

Limit the Personalization – Declutter

We know this is a tough one to swallow, but it’s a necessary one. Yes, you are still living in your home (well, most Sellers do) and you want to keep the environment as “normal” as possible during what can sometimes be a frustrating experience – the sale of your home. The thing is, you want Buyers to picture themselves AND their possessions in place of you and yours…and we know that’s sometimes hard to swallow too. So, declutter – remove personal items as much as possible. You’re going to end up packing them away anyway so why not start now?

Another option to consider as you declutter – staging. Staging your home can sometimes help you sell it faster as well as bring a higher price too. Regardless, however you do it, limit the personalization to your home as much as you can.

Think like a Seller; Not a Homeowner

In other words, stop calling it “your home”. Once you’ve put it on the market, it then becomes a marketable piece of property. Think of it THAT way instead of the alternative. Why? Because by doing so, it helps you look more objectively at what you need to do to get it ready for sale and puts you in the frame of mind of having listed it for sale (being ready for showings and Open Houses, etc.).


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